20+ years ago we realized that continuing to live in a small, somewhat remote New Jersey town was probably not going to be the ideal retirement plan for us.   Thus motivated, we looked at options we may not have considered in earlier years.

Jim had sailboat racing in his blood but since my blood was accustomed to a level of comfort not found on a racing sailboat, we met in the middle and bought a very comfortable and home-like boat.   20 years and thousands of miles have passed, and age and health have given us reasons to rethink our cruising life.  Now seems the right time for a younger couple/family to enjoy Kindred Spirit and take her out to see the parts of the world we missed.

As cruising for us started long before blogs and long before wifi was easily available, we kept journals.  A large stack of journals and a matching large file of photographs keeps our memories alive with the joy of cruising, the joy of meeting many island people and not only sampling the new food experiences but also enjoying friendships we’d never have had. 

Our new bucket list grows weekly with many places to visit that we couldn’t get to with Kindred Spirit. No, we’ll not be staying home any more than is absolutely necessary but will continue to meet new people in new places.


Kindred Spirit is a 1986 Tayana Vancouver 42, designed by Robert Harris.  The entire boat speaks of ‘home’ and for eight years she was the only home for us and our intrepid cat, Nicky. 

Tayanas are known for lovely teak joinery work and Kindred Spirit has elicited many flattering comments from other boat owners for the beauty of the woodwork, the stability of the boat and the feeling she can get you through just about anything. Tayanas are also well regarded by those who evaluate sailboats as being very safe and very capable for a passage of any length.  With 120 gallons of fuel and 140 gallons of fresh water plus a water maker, long passages are easily managed.

With the added benefit of some upgrades and some cosmetic work Kindred Spirit would be more than ready for another long adventure for someone who can enjoy all the possibilities she offers.